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Business Industries

Running a small business is difficult enough to have to fit into a criteria for obtaining a merchant cash advance, small business loan, line of credit or equipment loan. Signature capital provides merchant cash advances to a wide variety of industries throughout the United States.

Because of our hands on, personable process, getting the merchant cash advance you need is easy. Competing with other merchants in your field is a arduous task, one that can be frivolous if you are not equipped with the capital you need to execute your growth strategy. We understand the changing small business landscape will take your best efforts and readily available cash to make a significant improvement in your chances for success.

We build close relationships with thousands of small business owners across the United States, doing so exposes us to various industries. Some of the merchants we have successfully funded merchant cash advances for are:


Transportation Tire Shop Accounting Shoe Business
Transportation  Tire Shop  Communications  Tax & Accounting  Shoe Business
 Restaurant  Recreation      
 Restaurant Recreational  Plumbing  Painters Night Club
Jewelry Hair Salon Graphic Designer Eye Glass Business Electrician
Book Keeping Cafe
Book Keeping Cafe Mobile Phone Chiropractor Construction
Autobody Apparel
Auto Body Apparel

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